• Name of the event: Observance of World Book Day and Inauguration of Writers’ Club
  • Date: 23.04.2019
  • Venue: Assembly Hall.
  • Participants: Writers’ Club members and mentor teachers.
  • Description:


1.Samaritan Mission School (High) celebrated the 455th Birth Anniversary of the great dramatist William Shakespeare as The World Book Day with the inaugural ceremony of the School’s Literary Club, ‘The Writers’ Club’ on 23rd April, ’19.

The programme started the Introductory Speech by the Secretary of the Club, Prayasi Ma’am, warmly welcoming our very honourable guests. 

The students of Class 10, Fardeen and Shahin took the mic, calling upon the stage the President of the Club, Asif Sir who took us down the memory lane sharing about the formation and the first event of the club. The programme then proceeded with Honour given to the Post Holders who sweared and shared their love for the Club.

  1. (involvement)

The First event showcased the creativity by Recitation of Self Written Poetry by the Students, participants were, Aksha Ali (class 9), Kashish Jaiswal, Sadaf Parveen (class 8A) and Aquib Siddiqui (Class 8A).

  1. (involvement)

It was followed by a brief idea on Shakespeare’s life events, from birth to death was prepared and presented by Md. Kamil Sarwar, Inayat Ali (class 7A), Pawan Kr. Singh, Aniket Jaiswal and Faizan Khan (Class 8B). Paarsa Alam and Afsana Begam (Class 9) gave a small speech on the Writings of the great Bard.


The third event on the list was focused on the extract from the drama ‘As You like It’, ‘All the World’s a Stage’ recited by Jacques one of the characters of the drama. The poem was narrated by Kaniz Amina (Class 6B) and Md. Sameer (Class 8A). The different stages were beautifully portrayed. The character of the nurse holding the baby was portrayed by Atifa Mamoon (Class 7A), the role of the mother was played by Nafisa (Class 8A) and the whining school boy was by Numan Raza (Class 6A). 


. Tanveer (Class 8B) played the role of the soldier, Ibrahim (Class 7A) the Justice and Zaid Khan (Class 8A).


Drama of man’s life was followed by Manasij Sir’s mesmerizing, dramatic reciting of ‘The Listeners’ by Walter de La Mare and our Principal Sir’s recitation of the poems written by the students.


The programme was then concluded by a game conducted by Naaz Ma’am where the one chosen from the audience has to collect a chit and then enact or draw in order to explain what was written on it. It was a humorous sight where the both the teacher and the students were desperately trying to make others understand the word with a number of clues 


Encouraging speech by our Principal and Vice Principal Sir marked the end of the World Book Day celebration.