A student council is a group of student leaders who work with an adult advisor to collaborate with others to impact their school community, which impacts their city or town, which impacts a state, which impacts a country, which changes the world. In the institution, the student council consists of:-
(1)Students’ Heads
(4)Discipline In-charges

Students are positioned in their different positions like the captains of the different houses i.e. Blue, Green, Yellow, and Red. They are followed by the Head Boy and Head Girl. After teachers, the responsibility of the whole school is on the student’s heads. They are very responsible and concerned about their responsibility.
They organize many events and competitions by their own involvement without any teachers. Student’s heads are much aware of the problems of the students and they help to solve it also. They look after every student from the most disciplined to the naughtiest students in the school and even the incidents caused are looked after by them and are given to the school authority.





There are four captains in the school of the four definite houses who lead their own house. In several events like sports, in the march past the whole house is lead by the captains. The captains are chosen by their quality and talent of leadership. All the captains are competitive towards their houses and the victory or lost is dependent on them.In the absence of the head boy and head girl the captains play their role nicely but even in their presence they are aware of their responsibilities


Discipline is the most important factor of every school and the students in this school know well how to maintain it. And those who are unaware of the discipline maintaining, the Discipline In charge leads them. There is two discipline In charge of the school based on their discipline, neatness, and their leadership skills who looks after every student whether they are maintaining discipline or not. Even the student respect them as the seniors and student’s heads.

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The school contains two prefects between the students one male and one female and they are selected by their performance in every fields, their talents, their leadership skills and finally their marks.The prefects have important role to play.They are able to encourage and motivate fellow students.They are cooperative, helpful, well-mannered, trustworthy, and responsible and respectful toward teachers, and the school environment.

The school has many to look for the most mannered, disciplined, and honest student for being student of the month and the most lovely part is every month the student of the month is not same. To be the student of the month students complete all their works and be disciplined in school, which is the great part and a great profit to school.
More…student of the month is honored with the certification of student of month.The variety in the “student of the month” shows that the institute has a goods set of skilled students