Samaritan Students Science Club 

                 “The  Science club aims to promote science interest and engagement through challenging and mind – stretching tasks.” 


  • To understand the information that comes with factual knowledge.
  • To learn through discovery
  • To learn by experimentation


  • To promote inquisitiveness among the students and inculcate scientific temper among them.
  • To trigger interest among studentsbin science.
  • To encourage,motivate and equip students in application of science and its interface  with society.

Organization Structure

Chief Patron : Mr. Mamoon Akhtar, Honorable Secretary,Samaritan Mission School (High)

President :Md Mubassir 

Vice President: Awesh Alam

Secretary :Mohit Shaw

Class Activity Incharge : Zaid Ansari

Office Secretary: Abhishek Shaw

Executive Member : 

Club Activities

Through activities of science club,learning of science becomes joyful. The science club caters to freedom for expression,whereas the classroom atmosphere the leads to conformity and repression. While participating in any activity of the Science Club, students organize thoughts and translate these into action and thereby develop a zealous enthusiasm to strive for the cause of scientific  enterprise.

  • The club should be in contact with scientist and other nearby scientific institutions who could visit the school to speak to learns about exiting topics and show them some “science in action”. This could also be an opportunity for learners  to ask about the career in science.
  • The club could organised for its members and other interested learners to meet for Talk sessions where currents scientific topics could be discussed.
  •  the most exciting part of such a club is the opportunity to meet people from other schools.If neighboring schools were encouraged to form similar clubs could communicate with each other and form joint organization with representatives from each school.
  • This is an easy-to-organize event that would be fun as well as intellectually challenging. The club could find interesting mathematics or science problem that lie within the capability of the target learners and offer small prizes to those who can solve them.
  • Conducting visual programmes of scientific interest. Improvising and preparing hand-made
  • apparatus.Collecting.Preparation of soap,ink,candle,matchsticks,toys,bleaching powder,etc.Mounting and preserving the specimens.
  • Rendering school service in health and sanitation through managing First Aid Squad. Helping the community by way of demonstration on health and hygiene and eradication of superstitious beliefs etc. 
  • Arranging science discussion,debates,easy-writing,conducting workshop and science quiz,excursion and arranging exhibitions,films show,science fairs,lectures etc.
  • Celebrating Science Days and Birthdays of eminent scientists.
  • Miscellaneous & Other.