Date: 22.04.2018 Time: 11:15 am to 12 noon

Venue: Samaritan Mission School (High)

Participants: All available teachers, ground stuffs and morning shift students.

Leading role: Sharmistha De, Rinku Singh, Madan Kr Gupta Shirshendu Sana (all teachers) Mehboob Bhai and Khalas.

  • Description: Saplings were collected from nearby market. All saplings were labeled with stickers bearing their respective local/scientific names.

All teachers gathered and carried saplings with tubs to each of the four floors of the school building one by one and students were gathered from rooms on each floor.

Students and teachers jointly put saplings in tubs and watered on each of the four floors of our school building.

Class VII B girls under guidance of Rinku Miss drawn a nice Earth Day theme poster