123rd Birth Anniversary of Netaji Subhas Chandra                                                                      Bose

On 24.01.2019 123rd birth anniversary was observed with great enthusiasm in our school. In all classes, the event started with floral tribute to portrait of Netaji. Many students and teachers heartily participated in the class room events through speech, recitation, discussion. In some classes students made “Netaji Topi” by paper and wore it and saluted the great freedom fighter

Programme in Assembly Hall started with a welcome speech by Alivia Shaw, teacher who anchored the programme throughout with Argho Bhattacharya. Floral Tribute was paid by Bhaskar Sarkar, Vice-Principal. Students of class IX and X and all teachers were present. Sati Roy Banerjee delivered a short speech about Netaji followed by a video presentation. Another interesting presentation on exciting historical escape of Netaji in 1939.

Shahjadi Gulafsa and Parsha Alam both student of class IX elegantly delivered speeches about Azad Hind Fouj (INA) and life of Netaji was.

Famous and highly popular INA song “Kadam-Kadam barhaye ja…” and nationalist song “Bande…mataram…..” one of the favorite songs of Netaji, were sung in chorus by students and some of the teachers which was just inspiring. The event concluded with a short speech by vice-principal on academic excellence of Netaji (stood 3d in ICS) and his extreme love for his mother land, for which, we all still remember him with great respect. Netaji is an exemplary figure for the students