A limitless gain of knowledge is here, the library is always open for the student, the light of knowledge is everywhere around campus as the institution believes knowledge is not limited to a single classroom. student can read books to find the magic of reading. Books are a good friend of a student. So we are providing a collection of books, which could enhance within our student a general knowledge about the different genera of literature.
Shree Ajey Mukund Ranadey (I.P.S.) commissioner Howrah city police initiated support to start a library for the children of Samaritan Mission School. Mr. Rai Chowdhury supported the cause through leadership training service Kolkata, that provides leadership training to the students, and LTS supported books & Almira and thus the school library started from 3rd September 2014.

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The world has been digitalized. So, the school has also upgraded to the level next. Every classroom in the school has a system of projector and computer to serve the need of every moment of learning. The chapters and lessons which are unable to understand by them are cleared by seeing videos through the help of a computer and is shown to everyone by the help of the projector. Not only the upper-class students but it is provided to every student present in the school. Living in a less civilized area where literacy rate is very low and is a major problem because of which technology is not utilized by everyone. So, concerned about the needs and facilities of the students, the school authority has provided every student to learn how to use computers and projectors for their learning and studies and spread the ways to others so that everyone becomes aware of the need of education smartly by computers or phones.

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“Prevention is better than cure”. Following the proverb, the institution has installed “fire extinguisher” in each and every floor. And the students are accordingly trained to deal with the situation of any abrupt dangerous fire, sets in the campus. Any such danger has not still clouded the institution. But still, we have a protective wall against the danger called fire. We have a stored pressure fire extinguisher in every needed corner of our campus. A school kitchen is a place where fire can be easily caught and bring danger for the students as well as the staffs in the school. Each floor consists of one fire extinguisher for immediate and sudden danger.

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Cameras are the second eye of the school authority. The incident or moment they can’t reach or see, cameras can.The larger the school, the more there is that can go wrong. Fortunately, surveillance technology can make the job a lot easier and the school a lot safer. The school have invested in surveillance technology and have reaped the benefits of having a more secured school.Many incidents take place in the bathrooms in schools that the school may not become aware of until after the fact.

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Technology has become the most important source of learning and knowledge for all the students. Visual learning is always better than verbal learning as what we see is what we learn. The school provides access to the students and the teachers to use the computer lab whenever they want for their need. The lab is provided with an air conditioner which keeps the young minds cool to grow their creativity and imagination more, and their creativity is shown up by the students through their presentations, movies, and more.

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It has better Security to manage Attendance Data. Biometric attendance makes it easy to keep track of all employee Movement. The institution increasingly making it easier for the administration and students to log in their time and attendance digitally without manual intervention. There is no doubt that the biometric attendance system will help save time by eliminating a lot of manual processes involved in attendance and leave entry and calculating hours attended. With automatic class attendance system, teachers can more accurately and quickly track student’s time in the classroom.

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Neat and clean is the perfect scene. The school authority ensures the school building always remains clean. It is one of the most important responsibilities of the students as well as the staff members present in the school. From assemblies to classrooms to administrative offices and cafeterias, the team of employees works really hard each day to keep the school campus always clean. Teachers perform their jobs better when they don’t get diverted by unhealthy surroundings. Professors are more productive when they teach kids in clean, healthy classrooms.

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Transport is indeed a facility, which is basically needed in every institution. the school though located in a very core area has a good connection with the outer city through roads. Thus, here comes the facility of a school bus. The institute has a good and comfortable bus with a proper basic facility of an emergency gate, first aid facility and a proper system of maintaining the cleanliness of the bus. The students do not face the trouble of overcrowdedness in the bus. They love to come to school on their school bus.

The students who come from far and wide places take help from the school bus. In the context of the nearby students, this fun cannot be realized by them. Further, we are planning to multiply our number of bus availability and in a similar way trying to add more features within it. For example, introducing a GPS location system on the buses. To extend this beginning into a more wider and broader extent.

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The school doesn’t face water scarcity. As it has an improved water purifier in the institution and this is for the simplest reason: the school care for the students. The water filter removes suspended impurities from the water and provide clean and chilled drinking water to the students. Polluted water is the basic reason behind countless diseases. Tikiapara is an area where a shortage of water and drinking of polluted water is a problem by which people are caught by various diseases. So, the school authority is concerned about the health of the students in the school, the students are provided by the water purifier.

 Students come with their bottles and stand in a queue by following the “first come first serve” rule and empty those filled up bottles in their thirsty throat. Little students are prone to waterborne diseases. By having a water purifier in the school, it eliminates the chances of any waterborne disease. The water processed by an advanced water purifier has a great taste. So the students drink more water in the school, which keeps them hydrated. Students will drink pure and safe water always. Despite all the concerns, the institution is trying hard to provide this facility to all the students today and even in the future.

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Career counseling in schools is a very essential part for students. Samaritan Mission School guides students in their career too. The school helps the student to understand and overcome social or behavioral problems through classroom guidance lessons and counseling. Counsel individuals and small groups on the basis of student and school needs. Work with students to develop skills, such as organizational and time management abilities and effective study habits. Career counseling helps to shape the future of students. It doesn’t take much thinking to understand that someone who does that was never convinced of what career they should take. Such a decision usually stems from school. Many students make career choices based on the most picked career among their peers.

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