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Teacher's Day Celebration

Annual Sports Day


“Thirteen festivals in twelve months”, this is what one could tell about the function of the Institute.Almost,in the whole year,the institute celebrates each and every day of the world.Starting from “The World Day Of Water” To “World Day Of Girl Child”.Every events of the school leaves a message in the mind of every students. The events usually keeps the students updated with the day to day world news. The events celebrated are as follows:-

Independence Day Celebration :- On this day the institute organizes,hosting of National Flag,and sometimes a sit n-draw competition whose topic is Independence Day, Save Girl Child,Women’s Education etc.And the students too come with an excitement and draw and enjoy the events.

Swami Vivekananda Jayanti :-The day in the institute is a grand celebration.AS it believes on the idea of Swamiji very sincerely.On this, occasion,students recite the poem  written by Swamiji, and the founder of the school gives them few ideas and incident from Swamiji’s life.

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Exposure” to students is like giving them fresh air, in midst of their studies.In this context the institute provides a good deal of exposures to the students. The students had visited to Scientific places like Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Birla Museum, Science city through which the light of science penetrated into the mind of students.

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“Activities and Action keeps us Active”.The institute has a bunch of clubs & FORUMS, which keeps the students engaged throughout the sessions. Clubs & forums are always meant to go off track from the main course of the school. And the institute has the following clubs and forums embedded within it:-
1. Samaritan Student’s Science Club
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Awareness & Rallies
Awareness is the ability to directiy know and realize, or to be conscious of events. “The first step towards change is awareness, The second step is acceptance”. Being a believer in the sentence, institute organizes a number of campaign rallies against the day to day concern of the world. Starting from the “Say No To Tobacco” to “Anti-Drug campaign”. Campaign is a way for the institute to aware the local as well as students of the institute.


National & International Online Session

Every interaction is an opportunity to learn, Samaritan always had this opportunity. The school has came across of many National and International sessions like interaction with Nation’s states Assam, Patna, etc. And International countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc.students had a great session of learning and sharing ideas, via online session (in Skype). And they also get to learn the lifestyle of different states and even countries. Students get the confidence of talking to anyone, even the ones they have never met but still, shares ideas to each other and talk about the develpoment on the other side, about the project they do and more.






Achievement is a mixture of skill, effort, and courage. The school holds a good reputation. There is an uncountable achievement by students, teacher’s, and school. The school take part in every extra curriculum and motivate students to be confident enough to face competition, trouble, failure, and success. The school trended for the best and get the best result too. The achievement of the school is proof of success in not giving up. Some of the achievements are in:-

1. Quiz Competition
2. Essay writing
3. Maths competition
4. Science Exhibition
5. Debate competition
6. Extempore
7. Football match
8. Cricket Match
9. Drawing competition
10. Dance competition
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winner of Drawing Competition

winner of Science Exhibition

Inter School Sports Winner