Various activities are done,but with a strict rule of speaking English in between the activity and the classes.The students learn about the American culture and history.The class system is not boring as curriculum classes in school. It is a system where students can never feel boring. As they do activities,watch videos,creating their own presentation on the topics given. Make their own songs on various occasions like Black History Month , and sing as well as make carols on Christmas.

Not only activities and funs,the student are also given confidence to deal with public speaking,online interactions between states and even country’s.Various workshop are organised to groove and polish the talents of the students.For instance,Career readyness, skit and plays,J.A,M, Access could be called as a big platform for the institution as well as for its students.It is like a boon for the institution and the underprivileged children studying in it.Not only learning English,successful candidates can apply for scholarship from the american embassy situated in their states. And could got a chance to study there by the help of U.S.A.Government.Beside this they can use the library at the American Embassy, becoming the member of the library.Even, the alumina students stay connected with the programme by attending the monthly programs and seminar in the Embassy after the completion of 2 years course.

Digital Story Telling

On December 21, Digital Storytelling found the student leaders creating one-minute films by evaluating their social scopes. Each team employed quite a few skills aligned with Bloom’s Taxonomy. 29 teams analysed their personal experiences and scripted an approximately hundred worded English-narrative to portray varied forms of social injustices and biases. Themes ranged from gender-based inequalities to age-based discriminations.

Despite the highly personal nature of each of the films, the students exercised an inordinate level of sensitivity in presenting their stories. The stories in themselves carefully adhered to Freytag’s Pyramid, with strictly positive resolutions. The teams applied 21st Century Critical Thinking Skills to digitally present their stories through FilmoraGo and KineMaster.

Cleanliness Drive

The Cleanliness Drive around the locality & meaningful wall paintings session on Day 2 saw the students being divided into groups following which they went around the locality, cleaning up the place using brooms, collecting the trash in a bucket and finally disposing them off at designated areas. Thereafter the students, with the help of Mohan sir and alumni volunteers painted the walls around the school’s perimeter with images of peace, cleanliness, and nature conservation. Interestingly, the local residents turned up in numbers to egg on the students and the response from the locality was extremely encouraging. 

Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is the key to a healthy body and mind. Hence, the three days of camp started with physical training sessions. The objectives of the sessions were developing students physical fitness, agility, concentration and while making them aware of the benefits of being healthy. The first day of the camp saw student warm up with activities like running, free hand exercises in the beginning. It was followed by an Access teacher facilitating the students to do yoga. The students started with Surya Namaskar, followed by Shavasana, Padmasana, Vajrasana and Ushtrasana. As the students were being shown the Asanas, they were also being explained the various aspects and benefits of the Asanas.

This was followed by beautification of the walls.
The students were guided in this session by Mohan Sir who did the layout of the murals. The themes chosen for the particular sections of the walls were Protection of the environment, Education for all, Global cooperation and piece and the beauties and bounties of Nature. Students were given the paints and brushes. The Access teachers guided the process of painting of the walls. All students, in groups, came together to create artistic masterpieces that not only beautify the walls but has a clear message.